13 Best Sites With Freelance Writing Jobs (Earn $100+ Per Job)

13 Best Sites With Freelance Writing Jobs (Earn $100+ Per Job)Being a freelance writer is one of the easiest ways to make money online. It is one of the ideal work-from-home jobs and can as well be great for college students to make money extra online.

There are sites that offer freelance writing jobs in almost every niche, with some paying up to $100+ per article.

Most freelance writing sites are structured into levels, with beginners starting at the lowest level with advanced, experienced writers at the top.

Below we highlight some of the best websites to find freelance writing jobs and how each one is set up.

Sites With Freelance Writing Jobs

1. iWriter

I consider iWriter to be one of the most basic and beginner-friendly freelance writing sites. You need to pass a simple writing test, and once you’re approved you can choose writing projects to work on (no bidding).

iWriter uses a rating system with beginners starting at the Standard Writer level while the most advanced writers are at the Elite Plus level.

The levels are based on ratings, which means the higher your ratings the faster you rise up the levels, with each level offering almost double the earnings of the previous level.

iWriter gives those posting the projects an option to choose a specific writer to handle their project. This means you can get direct clients who pay better than normal projects.

I used iWriter when I started as a freelance writer, and I managed to make more than $1,900 before switching over to blogging.

Here is a screenshot of my iWriter account (I no longer use it).

Best Sites With Freelance Writing Jobs

2. Upwork

Upwork is not only among the best freelance writing sites but also one of the most popular. Apart from offering freelance writing jobs, Upwork is also ideal for graphic designers, web developers, voiceover artists, sales & marketing experts, and other freelancers looking for an ideal way to make money online.

Freelancers bid on projects, which can be short-term or long-term. Although it’s hard for new freelance writers to land gigs, being patient and strategic will pay off in the long run.

If you’re a new freelance writer then I recommend you start by placing bids on entry-level or intermediate projects. They are easier to get than expert-level projects.

Most clients are looking for experienced freelancers with proven track records, including a portfolio showing their previous work, ratings, and job success rates.

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is a massive job board where almost every job category exists, including copywriting, editing, proofreading, and freelance writing jobs.

The projects posted on Freelancer can be short-term or long-term, and you have to bid for each project individually.

However, you have limited bids to use, but you can subscribe to a membership plan that gives you 100 bids per month for just $9.95 (you get a one-month free trial).

4. Writer Access

With more than 16,000 verified freelancers, Writer Access is one of the best platforms to find freelance writing jobs along with other jobs such as design, translation, and editing projects.

When you apply to join their freelance workforce, you’ll have to undergo an assessment to ensure you meet the requirements and can produce quality work.

It is one of the best paying freelance writing sites, with freelancers at higher levels making good money. This is how Writer Access pay rates look like:

  • Level 2 orders pay 1.13 cents per word
  • Level 3 orders pay 2.14 cents per word
  • Level 4 orders pay 3.53 cents per word
  • Level 5 orders pay 4.60 cents per word

The downside, though, with Writer Access is that you need to be a resident or citizen of The United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK to be accepted.

5. Constant Content

Constant Content is a writing agency that connects businesses with writers tasked with creating content for their websites, blogs, or social media pages.

It has thousands of professional writers making thousands of dollars every month creating content for different businesses.

You need to create a profile and list all your skills then proceed with a test. Your account will be approved if you pass the test, allowing you to start writing.

There are several categories and subcategories from which you can choose the projects you wish to work on.

6. Textbroker

Another great platform to find freelance writing jobs is Textbroker. It is free to sign up as a writer but you need to provide verification of U.S. citizenship.

After you submit a writing sample, it will be rated, and once approved you can proceed to complete your profile and start working on clients’ projects.

You can also choose to take on open orders, be added on a team of writers, or have clients send jobs to you directly.

Best Freelance Writing Jobs Sites 2020

best freelance writing jobs sites

7. Guru

Guru is an amazing platform for freelancers to land jobs, including freelance writers, editors, copywriters, grant writers, and proofreaders.

Apart from freelance writing jobs, there are hundreds of gigs in different fields including programming & development, design & art, administrative & secretarial, sales & marketing, and business & finance among others.

When you create an account with Guru, you can set your standard rate, display all your previous works, and choose your skills and expertise. These details make it easier to get jobs.

8. Writerbay

To get started with Writerbay you’ve to fill out an application, take a grammar and formatting test, and follow through with a short sample essay. You will then upload any higher-level education documents such as a bachelor’s degree certificate.

You don’t have to pay anything during registration, and once approved you can start working on freelance writing gigs. Over time you’ll become an advanced writer and can handle projects paying as high as $700.

9. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a professional job board that connects professionals with clients and has more than 50 fields.

It offers remote jobs (part-time and full-time) and onsite jobs with flexible schedules. The amazing thing with Flexjobs is that all of the freelance jobs have been screened, vetted, and verified before being displayed.

The freelance writing jobs at Flexjobs include:

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Grant Writing
  • Online Content
  • Technical Writing

Check all jobs here: Flexjobs Job Board

10. Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs is an ideal place for freelance writers who focus on SEO content, copywriting, and writing blog posts on different fields including automotive, education, medical, travel, science, and technology among others.

You need to be a U.S. citizen to join their team of freelance writers, which involves submitting a copy of a valid government-issued photo ID as proof of U.S. residency.

11. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is another great job board with freelance writing jobs handpicked from other popular freelance job sites.

No membership is needed. Just browse through open jobs using a search word or phrase such as “writing” or “writer”. You will see all the available jobs you can apply for.

12. ProBlogger

Although the jobs aren’t screened, the ProBlogger job board can be a good place to find some freelance writing gigs.

Since they do not have a sign-up process and you can easily apply for a job by filling out an online form, be sure to do some due diligence on the client you wish to take on their project.

13. SimplyHired

Although SimplyHired doesn’t have lots of freelance writing jobs, it’s still a good place to find part-time writing tasks that can earn you some extra bucks.

However, there are lots of jobs that might be great for you if you wish to think outside the box and take on other freelance projects.


These are not the only freelance writing sites, but I believe they are among the best. Apply to a few of these and stand a chance to make some extra bucks online as a freelance writer.

In case there’s a website you think should be on the list but isn’t, mention it in the comments section? Someone needs it!!!

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