11 Tips: How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings 1Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways of making money online. However, many bloggers struggle to make a decent income from AdSense ads every single month.

The good news, however, is that there are several strategies one can use to increase their Google AdSense earnings.

Below are a few tips that will increase your earnings when implemented the right way.

Tips to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

Let’s have a look at each of these simple tweaks and how they can help you increase your Google AdSense earnings.

1. Follow the best Ad placement practices

Ad placement will determine whether you get a low or high CTR. The best place to put your ads is above the fold.

Above the fold is the upper half of a webpage. You can place your ad just before the content and in the 2nd or 3rd paragraph.

Placing your AdSense code above the fold increases impressions and the number of clicks, which translates to increased earnings.

The best ad unit to use on your homepage’s upper folds or header is the 728×90 leaderboard. You can also use the same below the main navigation bar.

2. Use the best paying ad sizes

The best paying ad size is 300×250. Others that pay well are 336×280, 728×90, and the Skyscraper.

If you’ve to choose two, then use text and display option of 300×250 within your blog posts and Skyscraper on your sidebar.

Some blogs also perform best with link-ads, especially the content-rich blogs. Link ads have multiple links related to the content, which often prompts one to click on them.

3. Use ad styles with higher CTR

We have touched on CTR when we talked about placing your ad units above the fold. But which ad style gets the highest CTR?

Please note that I am not advocating for a CTR of 10% or 20% or 30% because such high CTR put your AdSense at risk of being banned.

Some ad units give you a CTR of 1% while others have a CTR of 6% depending on your ad placements. If you want to get a CTR of 2-5% I recommend using in-line articles ad units.

When you create a new ad unit, choose “in-line articles” and place them in the body of your post. They are responsive, which means they adapt to the size of the screen.

4. Use ‘AdSense for Search’ tool

Not many blogs or websites use AdSense for Search option yet it’s one of the best ways to increase Google AdSense earnings.

Use the Google Search option available in your AdSense account. It’s easy to get started and among the benefits of using Google AdSense Custom Search Engine include:

  • Helps your users to get the content they’re looking for within your site
  • Customizes the results’ appearance to fit your blog’s look and feel
  • Displays targeted ads based on what your users search for

You will increase your AdSense earnings when your users click on any of those targeted ads displayed by the AdSense Custom Search.

If you would like to learn how to set up Google AdSense Custom Search please read Google’s guide on creating a custom search engine.

5. Interlink your related content

Interlinking your content is a great way to retain users in your blog for longer. The best types of interlinks are those of related content.


Because the user is already reading about similar content and something extra is always appealing.

Take for example this post you are reading on ways to increase Google AdSense earnings.

If I need to create internal links I would link to other posts such as “5 Things That Will Get Your Google AdSense Banned” or “Best Paying Google AdSense Keywords in 2020”.

A user is likely to read either of the two posts because they have a desire to learn more and get new AdSense tips.

6. Choose high paying keywords

Choosing high paying keywords should also be a priority if you want to increase your Google AdSense earnings.

While we talked about choosing a niche you’re passionate about or have a real interest in our guide on how to start a blog and make money, prioritizing high paying keywords is also important.

Some of the industries with the highest paying keywords in 2018/2019 include:

  • Insurance
  • Gas/Electricity
  • Mortgage
  • Attorney
  • Loans
  • Lawyer
  • Donate
  • Conference Call
  • Degree
  • Credit

Some keywords have very high CPC up to US$1000 such as “mesothelioma survival rates”. “Structured settlement annuity companies” has a CPC of approximately US$866 while “structured settlement loans” has a CPC of US$178.

Do your research on which keywords to target. Look for keywords that have related content such that your blog can have as many posts as possible without having to target the same keyword.

This way you will be able to have regular updates for your blog and increasing traffic.

7. Ensure your blog is responsive

Users tend to abandon non-responsive sites while Google rarely ranks them high. If your blog is not responsive you are losing many things including:

  • Higher rankings on Google (which translates to more traffic)
  • High volumes of organic traffic (with better CPC)
  • Customer trust due to your site being unfriendly

All these will reflect on your Google AdSense earnings. If your site isn’t responsive or mobile-friendly then take the necessary steps to correct that.

8. Advertiser URL blocking

There are some advertisers who pay very little per click. Luckily, Google gives you an option to block their URLs so that their ads are not served on your blog or website.

Just log in to your Google AdSense account and under the option “Allow and block ads” chose “Advertiser URLs”.

Enter the URL of the advertiser then click “Block URLs”.

Please note that you’re not supposed to click the ads on your own blog because it’s against Google AdSense Terms of Service.

Google has a guide under the same tab where you can learn how to identify an ad destination URL.

There’s also an option to block category-based ads. Identify the best performing category ads and block the rest from showing on your blog. This will help increase your AdSense earnings.

For instance, if category X has an average CPC of $0.35 while category Y has an average CPC of $0.01, blocking category Y ads means more of category X ads will be shown.

As a result, the number of clicks on category X ads will increase thus increasing your earnings.

9. Target tier 1 countries

Different countries have different CPCs on AdSense. Some countries such as Canada, the US, UK, Australia, and Germany have higher CPCs rising above $1 per click.

However, most Asian, Middle East, and African countries have their CPCs as low as $0.01.

Targeting tier 1 countries such as Canada, the USA, UK, Australia, and others will increase your earnings more than 10 times. Let’s do some simple math here:

Let’s say you get traffic of 10,000 per day from low paying countries with their CPCs ranging between $0.01 and $0.1. If we get a rough estimate of average CPC it will be about $0.05.

With a CTR of 4%, you will get about 400 clicks. This means your earnings will be 400 × 0.05 = $20. If you get just 2,000 traffic from tier 1 countries with an average CPC of 0.75 and a CTR of 4% (80 clicks) then you will earn $60.

That’s how you can easily increase your Google AdSense earnings with less traffic just by targeting tier 1 countries.

10. Use a light theme and good hosting

One of the lessons I learned when I was depending solely on AdSense was that choosing the wrong web hosting service provider and using heavy themes was a big mistake.

There are themes that are so heavy due to too much coding. If you add this to poor hosting with regular server issues then your Google earnings will drop.


Google AdSense, by default, uses asynchronous ad code. This means with poor hosting or heavy themes the users will still be able to view your content even when there’s trouble loading ads on your blog.

This means a user using poor internet is less likely to see your Google ads. The solution, from your part, is ensuring you use a lightweight theme and get a good web hosting company that guarantees high page speeds.

With super fast hosting such as Kinsta, WPX Hosting, or Bluehost plus a lightweight theme, all your ads will load in time as the user goes through your blog a post.

And that will increase chances of them clicking on your ads.

You can check our previous post on the best web hosting companies in 2020 (and why they deserve your consideration).

A good alternative would be to avoid these blogging mistakes if you want to have a successful blog that makes money.

11. Work with Google Certified Publishing Partners

I decided to save the best for last.

Yes, I mean THAT.

You might not have heard about Google Certified Publishing Partners. In a nutshell, they are a 3rd party ad-management networks that have been certified by Google to help with Google Ad Manager, Google AdSense, and/or Google AdMob management and optimization.

They will manage your AdSense account and optimize ads placement to increase your earnings.

Some publishers have reported a boost of more than twice their AdSense earnings after partnering with the Certified Publishing Partners.

Currently, there are 54 of them, and I recommend you try these three in order of preference:

  • AdThrive
  • Mediavine
  • Ezoic

You can check out all the Google Certified Publishing Partners to help you have a better understanding.


I recommend that you try to apply each of these AdSense tips and within a few days you will see a gradual increase in Google AdSense earnings.

Have any questions regarding Google AdSense. If you do please leave a comment below and I will respond to your queries.

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